Alliance of Computer Professionals

ACP offers an honest and open business model that creates a solid partnership with our clients and consultants.

Highly qualified teams

Founded in 1994, with office locations in Minneapolis and Atlanta, ACP is staffed with highly qualified teams with over 200 years of combined industry experience.

Ethics, honesty and full disclosure

With a strong belief in ethics, honesty and full disclosure, ACP brings a trusted foundation of integrity to our longstanding and future relationships.

Established client base

ACP has an established client base of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

Strong relationships

ACP’s focus is to build strong relationships with our clients and our consultants.

Why ACP?

We serve a customer base comprised of diverse, vibrant, and dynamic organizations that insist on consulting partnerships which produce innovative and responsive results.

  • ACP offers consultants with expertise in all areas of IT
  • With consultants placed across the U.S., we have established a reputation of building strong relationships with our clients and providing quality consultants
  • ACP has a proven process and practice in recruiting and retaining quality talent needed to sustain and grow your business
  • With a vast national database of consultants and an experienced team of recruiters, ACP averages over a 85% submittal rate on client requests
  • Across all of our clients, the average consultant contract is nearly 2 years and over a 90% contract renewal ratio

The ACP Advantage

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by our practices, policies, our highly qualified team, and the relationships we have built with our clients and consultants.


Transparent Pricing Model

Our low fixed margin structure brings tremendous value to our clients and consultants. It removes all questions surrounding pay rates and the client’s bill rates as both are fully disclosed to all parties.


No Conversion Fees

Founded on building relationships for a lifetime, the client has the opportunity to hire any ACP consultant with no charge for a hiring.  No conversion fee is required and no time limitations are placed on the contract.


Fixed Commission Structure

ACP commissions are generated as a fixed commission based on the number of hours billed by the consultant, rather than a percentage of the margin. Account Managers are not incentivized to increase the bill rate – they are compensated the same regardless of the bill rate.


Experienced Staff

We have dedicated Account Teams assigned to each client along with multiple Overlay Recruiters that provide additional support as needed based on the demand of the client.

ACP Vision & Mission

ACP Vision

We are a high quality staffing solutions organization that is entrepreneurial in spirit, admired and trusted by our clients, consultants, and employees and responsive to the changing needs of those we serve.

ACP Mission

Following the ACP tradition, we add value by providing efficient, effective, strategic staffing solutions that are driven by our commitment to build long term relationships and enthusiasm to help create a positive difference for our clients, consultants and employees.

ACP Values

  • Integrity in All Relationships – Do the right thing even when no one is watching – even when it is difficult
  • Industry Leader in Building Customer Relationships – Everyone wins – clients, consultants and employees
  • Work Together and Succeed Together – Each individual is important; no one person is more valuable than the team; there is no “I” in ACP
  • Respect for the Individual – Treat others as you want to be treated; work/life balance is important
  • Continuous Improvement – Always look for a better, more efficient way; strive for excellence; empowered by leadership
  • Communication is Key – Be open and honest; be aware of self and others

Join Our Team

ACP is an Information Technology staff augmentation company that works with W-2 Hourly and Independent consultants.
We have offices in both Minneapolis and Atlanta that are supported by highly skilled recruiters who have exceptional business knowledge and strong relationships with our clients, as well as solid knowledge of each market. Our unique business pricing model is transparent with fixed margins. In addition, ACP does not charge our clients conversion fees at any point of the engagement.
Our average contract duration is over 17 months, and the average technology experience of our consultants is over 12 years. We assist in seamless redeployment of our consultants.
ACP Consultants are highly skilled in the following areas:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Technical Architecture
  • Software Development and Design
  • Business Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance

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We take pride in our reputation of bringing high quality consultants to our clients to successfully manage and develop mission critical systems.


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